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August 2005

August 13
* Meet the Author Presentation- McCollough Library, Evansville, Indiana

Librarian Glynis Rosendall was one of the people who really believed in me early in the game. I gave her a copy of Thunder and she enjoyed it. She set up an event at the McCollough branch of the Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library system in Evansville. The event was advertised on local NPR, and the library put up flyers about the event. In order to get more attention for the date, I also scheduled my Borders book-signing for the same day. Some people told me it was crazy to schedule two events on the same day. About twenty people came, listened politely, and asked questions. The event illustrated a few things. Even with the backing of the entire local library system, and local radio, it is sometimes difficult to get a crowd to come out. However, if you ever want something from the Evansville Library, Glynis Rosendall is the person to see.

August 13 * Book Signing- Borders Books & Music, Evansville, Indiana

Borders Bookstore has been great to me. In April, I pitched the idea of a book signing at the store just after the book became available. They didn't know me from Adam, but agreed to the signing in August. After the sparse turn-out in the morning for the McCollough affair, I was more apprehensive than ever about the Borders signing that afternoon. I had done my homework with a 50-piece direct mailing, a listing in the Evansville Courier, free bookmarks, and word-of-mouth, but you're just never sure. In a show of intimidating faith, Borders ordered 60 books for the signing. All I could think about when they wheeled the books out was disappointing someone who had shown faith in me. By the time the two hours was over, there were just ten books left. According to the publisher, a book-signing that sells 30 books is a great success. Even though it was my third book-signing in two months, all within 10 miles of each other, Thunder From a Clear Sky continued to surprise.

August 24 * A feature newspaper article on Thunder From a Clear Sky appears in the Union County, Kentucky, Advocate. The article discusses the book and my upcoming appearance at the 2nd Annual Western Kentucky Book Expo in October.